Calvatis acts global

Internationally operating companies expect a global presence from their partners. We meet this expectation by supporting our customers all over the world with our hygiene concept.

In the last 60 years, we have successfully established ourselves on the international market with a network of production facilities and a can-do sales team. While we maintain an almost complete-coverage presence on the European market, the focus of our current and future business development plans is on Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Asia-Pacific and the Far East. We can draw upon a network of partner companies, chosen for their professional expertise and empathetic integrity, underpinned by a high degree of committed confidence in the “calgonit philosophy”. Thus all over the world we ensure affordable supplies of products and services at the proverbially high Calvatis level of quality.

Thanks to our long years of experience in sales and production, and worldwide knowledge transfer, we are excellently informed about the international sales markets involved. And, of course, we meet requirements like accreditation from conglomerates or national product approvals.

For us no less than for our partners and customers, it is vital to operate at all times on the basis of current hygiene standards and using the very latest state of the art.

To avoid fast spreading pandemics, the ability to implement global hygiene requirements on a local scale is increasingly crucial. Our aspiration is to play a vital role worldwide in keeping humankind healthy.