In distinctive contrast to other players on the market, we have specialised not only in the production of cleaning and disinfecting agents, but also and particularly in service our capabilities.

Calvatis Consulting
Our Consulting Team is a group of specialists independent of all other departments in the company. It consists of engineers, chemists, food technicians and microbiologists with experience in the fields of quality management, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and IFS (International Food Standard). The team is rounded off by experts with a solid grounding in business management, and deals primarily with hygiene management and analytical services. As part of our support capabilities, we provide food producers, packaging manufacturers, cleaning service companies and planning firms with tools for assessing, steering and developing hygiene management systems. Our Calvatis Consulting Team ensures responsive support throughout the resultant projects for cost reduction, one-off as-is analyses, or for continuous process improvement. Above and beyond the traditional tools and methods of quality management and microbiology, for our analytical work we utilise CCU measurements (CIP Check Unit), integrated auditing systems and process visualisation. The processes used are assured and enhanced during the course of ongoing certification and accreditation procedures.

Contract production jobs
Private-label production jobs

On our production lines, with a total annual capacity of 45,000 t, we are able to handle an enormously varied spectrum of orders in terms of liquid and powder products. We utilise recipes and packages fully in line with our customers’ wishes, but also offer a basic filling service. We fill products in all sizes of container, from small packs of 2.5 kg to tanker trucks holding 25 t. We can fill solid mixtures in small packs of 0.5 kg up to 1.4 t in big-bags.

We offer a complete, single-sourced contract manufacturing service: production, warehousing and distribution / direct dispatch.

For this purpose, we provide on request recipe development, raw and packaging material procurement and comprehensive documentation.