The farming community

Increasingly stringent statutory and hygiene requirements, coupled with falling sales revenues for the producers involved, impart crucial importance to each and every factor in the value creation chain.

Whether it’s a milk production plant, an animal husbandry farm, or general creation of agricultural produce, with our calgonit product range we are the ideal partner when it comes to facility hygiene and stable disinfection. We are one of the leading companies in the sector. Together with our customers, we reduce their operating costs while simultaneously increasing both performance and yield. With the specialised knowledge and commitment of our agrarian and dairy engineers, we have for decades now been handling these tasks successfully both at home and abroad.

As a complete-system vendor, we support our customers in the following fields:

  • Milking machine cleaning
  • Udder hygiene and care
  • Filter media
  • Stable hygiene
  • Foam cleaning technology
  • Hoof and claw care products
  • Pest control
  • Disinfection products for stables, etc.
  • Personal hygiene
  • Feed preservation
  • Silage preparation
  • Products for cleaning liquid-feeding systems
  • Veterinary medicines

In addition, we offer you a sophisticated range of equipment and systems precisely tailored to your individual needs.

Our holistically conceived, all-inclusive product range is continually upgraded to suit the market’s needs. This also means that we have the quality of our products regularly monitored by outside testing agencies, like the German Veterinary Medicine Association (DVG) and the German Agricultural Association (DLG).

Close cooperation with public-sector agencies, equipment manufacturers, vets and farming consultants supplies us with a never-ending stream of fresh ideas for enhancing our product range. And we also provide extensive support for our customers in dealing with continually changing legislation for food and beverage producers, such as the introduction of HACCP concepts in agricultural facilities.