Food industry

It’s an increasingly frequent occurrence for our society to be plunged into serious discussions on the topic of food safety and consumer protection.

Particularly in the cases where inadequate hygiene in a food production plant has triggered a debate in the media and among the public, it’s exceptionally difficult to regain consumers’ confidence. An incident of this kind can lead to brand damage and, possibly, to the company being closed down with the loss of many jobs. The entrepreneur himself bears a liability risk, though given appropriately foresightful precautions this can be minimised.

In this environment, subject to a high level of entrepreneurial risk, we have set ourselves to support hygiene safety in food production facilities, and to eliminate hygienic shortcomings before they can materialise.
For the staff responsible at your plant, we can cover all the aspects of optimum operational hygiene at the best possible price-performance ratio. For the following standard processes, we offer you a complete, full-coverage spectrum of corporate capabilities:

  • Surface cleaning and disinfection
  • Crate washing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Structural and process hygiene
  • CIP cleaning (Cleaning in Place)
  • Tank cleaning
  • Smokehouse cleaning
  • Systems and equipment engineering
  • Cost optimisation initiatives

In addition, we have specialised in consultancy and implementation for holistic hygiene concepts in companies. These processes include:

  • Training and consultancy
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
  • Monitoring and assessment of environmental factors
  • Health and safety concepts
  • Cooperation with vets and public-sector bodies

In order to meet the market’s increasingly stringent requirements, our team’s qualifications and training are continually updated. Moreover, special fields such as IFS (International Food Standard), indoor climate control systems, cleaning services and hygiene cost control are covered by outside experts or cooperation partners.