Equipment and system engineering

With our Engineering Department, we offer you customised solutions for system and equipment construction, individually matched to your own specific requirements.

To ensure that the products we make are put to optimum use, you can not only tap into the extensive specialised knowledge of our staff, but also consult our equipment, systems and applications engineers.

The Equipment Engineering Department is divided up into sections for engineering and for system/equipment construction. In an experimental pilot plant, new products can be further developed to market maturity. This department’s capability spectrum can be specified as follows:

Standard equipment construction
Our equipment engineering people offer a sophisticated range of standard devices and systems, manufactured in our own workshops.
Besides a comprehensive range of foam cleaning systems, dosing and control technology, atomisers, hygiene engineering and other categories, we guarantee swift supplies of spares.

Customised equipment construction
In addition to our standard range, we also proactively develop equipment in-house.

Specialised requirements from our customers that cannot be met using standard solutions, plus the market’s current and future requirements, pose repeated new challenges for our engineering team.

When we create customised designs, our starting point and lodestone are the wishes and visions of our customers from the initial design stages all the way through to the market launch.

Main contractor role
When large-scale projects are involved, we offer our customers all-inclusive, single-sourced packages. Working closely together with our partner companies, we act as the main contractor, responsible for planning work, quotations, implementation, commissioning and acceptance-testing of the projects concerned. And we support our customers in questions of project financing as well.

Within the framework of maintenance agreements, our highly qualified team of specialists make sure that our customers’ investments are sustainedly lucrative ones.