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Sie benötigen Covid-19 Schnelltests?

Die calgonit Starter Sets für die Wiedereröffnung ihres Betriebs.

Calvatis founds sales company in Colombia.

Calvatis founds joint venture in Bulgaria

Calvatis recommends preventive measures and products against African swine fever.

Calvatis founds joint venture in Portugal

After Calvatis GmbH had previously donated over 15,000 liters of disinfectant to various healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes in April, the city of Ladenburg has now also received a donation of 600 liters of disinfectant for public and charitable purposes.

Mayor Stefan Schmutz and Managing Director Thomas Mohr met at the...

The Federal Government has imposed various hygiene regulations for the opening of all shops, schools, hairdressing salons and public facilities.

Calvatis can assist you in complying with these regulations with appropriate products. Contact us and benefit from our decades of experience in the field of cleaning and disinfecting agents.

You can...