Good To Know

Biocides are substances and products which, by other means than by mere physical or mechanical action, destroy, deter, render harmless, prevent the effect, or otherwise combat harmful organisms (bacteria, fungi, algae and microorganisms). This also includes products which are used for the control of insects, mice, rats and other pests, the effect of which is based on a chemical basis. In Germany, there are currently more than 30,000 biocidal products. Closely related to the term biocide is disinfection, i.e. free-market disinfectants are generally also biocidal products.

Especially in the food industry, the cleanliness and hygiene are the A & O of good business practice. Regular cleaning and efficient, hygienic measures with suitable disinfection can be found in every hygiene plan and are also required by the various certification bodies (HACCP, IFS). Product recalls caused by microbial contamination of foodstuffs due to the lack of hygiene or to inadequate disinfection can be prevented using, e.g., biocidal products.

Calvatis develops biocidal products with the objective of combining high efficacy with as low a potential hazard as possible. However, it must always be borne in mind that biocidal products as a means of controlling different organisms are potentially also dangerous to humans, animals and the environment and must be handled accordingly with the necessary caution.

In order to ensure the necessary safety for consumers, employees and the environment, and to ensure the required efficacy of the corresponding products, only biocidal products authorised according to official testing may be used. The German regulatory authority for biocides is the Federal Agency for Chemicals of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). All biocidal products from Calvatis are listed there according to the currently valid legal requirements, recognisable by the N number printed on the label.