Code of Conduct

Calvatis provides its employees, business partners and stakeholders with a whistleblower system. This whistleblower system is an independent channel through which suspected cases or concrete knowledge of serious violations of the law or grievances within the organization can be reported. The whistleblower system is a supplement to your option of approaching a manager or contact person if you discover grievances or unsatisfactory conditions that you wish to draw attention to. All reporting persons can use the following link to contact a digital solution, which is managed by an external service provider, in writing and anonymously if they wish.

Incoming reports will be reviewed by the external service provider. If necessary, further internal or external measures will be initiated within a reasonable period of time; all reports will be treated confidentially and communication can only take place via the external service provider to ensure anonymity. Reporting persons are protected from retaliation such as dismissal, demotion, threats and discrimination as well as attempts at retaliation, provided their report is made in good faith.