Hands and Skin

The skin is our largest organ and can be very sensitive and vulnerable. The skin does not forget: Whether it was cared for or neglected, you can see the results of this in skin’s old age. So that the skin remains beautiful and above all, healthy, it must be well protected.

With the constant strain on the hands and skin during the work process, the skin becomes porous and cracked. The Calvatis skin protection plan prevents the skin from drying out and simultaneously takes care of the skin. The Calvatis skin protection products are specially designed for working in industry, and the application is documented in a skin protection plan, which we prepare in close consultation with our customers.

In addition to the care of the skin, regular cleansing is indispensable. One of the main transmission pathways for bacteria is insufficiently cleansed hands. Not only at the beginning, but throughout the work day, the hands have to be thoroughly washed with soap and warm water and then dried with a disposable towel. In addition, hands should also be disinfected after they are washed after certain activities such as going to the toilet, and the handling of raw food such as meat, poultry and eggs.

Our consultants help you to cover all of these hygienic needs and to create a product range tailored just for you.