African swine fever is spreading

Calvatis recommends prevention measures to prevent the african swine fever. The african swine fever is a notifiable disease. It is caused by a highly durable enveloped virus with a „fatty“ lipid membrane, whereby not all disinfectants are suitable to combat the virus.

Transmission: The virus of the infected boars can be transmitted by humans to domestic pigs. The disease does not break out with the person, however, they are the transferring vector.

Notable: In addition to the surface disinfection, the vehicle disinfection, disinfecting boots and an appropriate personal hygiene are recommended.

The effective disinfectants are:

  • calgonit sterizid forte 15* - Disinfectant based on peracetic acid
  • calgonit sterizid super* - concentrated stable disinfectant
  • calgonit sterizid AS* - Disinfectant based on formic acid
  • calgonit DS 685 - Neutral disinfectant based on alkylamine
  • calgonit DS 680 - Neutral disinfection concentrate, free of formaldehyde
  • calgonit sterizid P12 DES - concentrated stable disinfectant
  • calgonit sterizid P1 Pro - Surface disinfectant
  • calgonit sterizid Eco1 - Surface disinfectant


* DVG listed products

Calvatis recommends for the hands:

  • calgonit DES-H - „ready-to-use“ Hand disinfectant

For the food sector Calvatis recommends in addition to the abovementioned products:

  • calgonit DS 622 - Alcoholic disinfectant


Please use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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