Calvatis GmbH donates disinfectants to hospitals and medical facilities.


Ladenburg/Bitburg | In times of crisis, you have to stick together - as Calvatis GmbH as a manufacturer of cleaning and disinfectant agents and the Bitburger brewery group have done. In times of Corona, the long-standing customer-supplier relationship has given rise to a partnership that has made the well-being of all its members its mission.

The current shortage of disinfectants is a difficult situation, especially for the health sector. This is why the idea was quickly born that Calvatis GmbH could make a difference together with its customers. Together with the Bitburger brewery group, the management of Calvatis GmbH has focused on supporting the healthcare sector.

"It is important for us to be able to use our know-how in the current crisis situation and thus support those who put themselves in danger for us every day", the management of Calvatis GmbH explained their intention.

Calvatis GmbH donates more than 15,000 liters of hand disinfectant to various hospitals and medical facilities, thus ensuring the protection of medical staff and patients.

This campaign would not be possible without the long-standing logistics partner neska Schiffahrts- und Speditionskontor GmbH. For this reason, Calvatis GmbH would like to thank its partner for also making a contribution in a spirit of solidarity and providing the transports free of charge.

Calvatis GmbH will continue to use its opportunities to support medical care and supply its customers in the health care and food industries so that hygiene standards can be maintained in these businesses. 

[Translate to English:] Mitarbeiter der Calvatis GmbH und der neska Schiffahrts-und Speditionskontor GmbH mit der ersten Palette des gespendeten Händedesinfektionsmittels

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