FAQ about the UFI (Unique Formula Identifier)

Information about UFI (Unique Formula ldentifier)

What are the deadlines?

The date from which the UFI must be affixed to products depends on their distribution.                  A distinction is made between whether a product is sold to end consumers, professional users or industrial companies:

End consumer use: from 01/01/2021

Professional use: from 01/01/2021 

lndustrial use: from 01/01/2024

Products registered before 01/01/2021: 01/01/2025

Calvatis GmbH is a manufacturer of mixtures for professional and industrial use. Mixtures for the professional and industrial use had to be reported by lotest on December 31 st 2020 on the national authorities. According to Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation, an extended transition period until January l st, 2025 applies. Only from then, a notification has to be made in accordance with the harmonized format with which a UFI is then also generated.

 What is this new UFI all about?

The „Unique Formula ldentifier" (UFI) is a code printed on product label for hazardous mixtures in the European Economic Area. The UFI is intended to help to take the right measures in the event of poisoning. Poison control centres are given access to a databank containing the codes and can thus quickly and safely identify the ingredients and properties of the product. 

 The UFI code must be printed or affixed to all products with hazardous ingredients. However, on voluntary basis, the information may also be available for non­hazardous ingredients. lf a UFI code appears on our products, it does not necessarily mean that it is a hazardous product.

Where do the regulations of the new UFI apply?

The UFI is the implementation of the information from Article 45 of EU Regulation 1272/2008. This is a European regulation, the UFI code can already be found or will be found on the product from all the European Union countries.

Important: For professional and industrial use, the transition period applies until January l st, 2025. As long as there is no recipe change, there is no need to include a UFI code on the labe! yet. However, Calvatis are gradually already registering all recipes, as a consequence, more and more UFI codes are appearing on the products labels. 

You will find a FAQ overview under "Service" - "Good to know".    


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