Kitchen Hygiene

Hygiene in the kitchen is a prerequisite to ensure that foodstuffs can be prepared sanitarily and with excellent quality.

Ensuring regular and supervised cleaning and disinfection are absolutely necessary for the kitchen and storage areas. In this context, the following questions should always be answered:

What happens when, by whom, how, how often and with what?

The use of cleaning and disinfecting agents must fulfil certain conditions and be suitable for use in the food sector. Various lists and surveys are available online, which may change by a changing of the framework conditions.

Calvatis accompanies the customer from choosing the right detergent and dosing and application technology to ensuring the necessary quality and hygiene levels. Legal requirements are met at every point in the process chain. In close collaboration with our customers and institutes, the cleaning and disinfecting agents are continuously monitored and improved, as well as the use of chemicals, water and energy.